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Below, we will publish your fequently asked questions that relate to ARC or ASC education.  All emails will be treated confidentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My son is diagnosed ASD and is year 11: I would like to consider ARC, how can I apply a place?

A: You can apply to us directly and we will arrange for him to have some familiarisation sessions.  If you and your son are happy with his prospective placement, we will complete a SMAP form for the Local Authority outlining your wishes together with an agreed learning plan.

Q: Do you have an ARC Brochure?

A: We do: however, there have been so many changes lately that it is in a process of being extensively updated, but you can find out almost everything you want to know from the website, send an email or call us on 01752 600421.  You can talk to us or come and visit; you will be most welcome.

Q:  My child is in mainstream school and looking at opportunities for VI Form - how does your programme compare to school or college offerings?

A: If your child is in mainstream and happy to be there, then it is probably a good thing to maintain the placement.  If you are planning to change placements then it is worth knowing that we are small, by design: we have placves for up to 6 young people per year, who are of high needs and will benefit from a bespoke curriculum with 1-to-1 support. We specialise in Life and vocational skills for young people with ASC and other complex needs who work best in a small nurturing environment.